Dye-coloring of parts

Sometimes it’s just not right to have for example blue EC5’s, You wan’t for example black instead.

After getting a small bag of Nitor-dye (or iDye, Rit Dye or Dylon, method is pretty much the same) do as follows:

  • Put approx. two liters of water to a pan with 7-8 tablespoons of salt.
  • Heat the water to 75-80 degrees celsius. (Approx. 170 fahrenheit)
  • Mix the dye (whole bag!) to water, mix well.
  • Put parts into pan, careful not to put them in the bottom, use some separator.
  • Move parts in the mix so there’s no air-bubbles anywhere
  • The longer time in the pan, the deeper color. Bigger color-variations need longer time. (Time can be up to hours depending on material, color and dye.)
  • Take out the parts, rinse under running water, let parts dry.


  • Different parts react to heated water differently. Test first!
  • The mixed water with dye is HARD to get off different surfaces, so NOT splatter around kitchen…


Picture of my charger-case with custom (and dye’d) balance-board and dye’d EC3’s and EC5’s.



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