Stepless adjustment of dual-rate


Well, a forum-member asked for it. I’m a heli-dude so I’m a total novice to mixes since I have no need for them at all, so this is my first crack to a user-reported question about mixes.

Quite sure there are several other ways to accomplish this but in my eyes this works, so here it goes.


What is dual-rate? Dual rates are simply settings which limit the travel of your control surface which in turn limits the rate at which it can move. Let’s say you have a channel value of 100% when stick is all the way up, with dual-rate applied you can have for example something like 60% when stick is fully up. THis means when stick is fully up the movement of servo is limited, it’s not 100% anymore. Also it si important to note that this does also adjust the “angle” of the curve. Always test in servo-monitor to confirm the movement to be what you want.

Equipment used

Jeti DS-16 firmware 4.0


Here it goes. I created a test-model (Airplane in this case) and the user wanted a stepless dual-rate to elevator. So that is what we will do.

Go to Main Menu -> Fine Tuning -> Free Mixes. Ad a mix with details as pictured, “From Elevator To Elevator” and set value to -50%, you can adjust this later. (Note the negative value!)


Now, assign a switch (the knob) with settings Proportional and Reversed applied. In the picture below knob is in the middle.


Let all other options be off but make sure you enable “Slave Link” as negative.


Now, go to servo-monitor and admire your stepless dual-rate. When your knob is fully on moving the stick makes the assigned channel move from -100% to +100%. Adjust the knob to zero and you’ll notice that moving stick from -100 to +100 moves the channel-value only between -50% to +50%.

Adjust the amount of available dual-rate

In the example above we used a value of 50%, what that means is following: “When stick is 100% the reduction is 50% when dual-rate knob is fully on”. Let’s say you need to have at least -75% to +75% movement, you should then adjust the free mix master value to -25%. Then the maximum reduction is 25% leaving you always with at least 75% of range to both directions.

Few pointers

I’m not sure if this is covered somewhere. Like the manual. But here it is now. Enjoy and go out flying!

2 thoughts on “Stepless adjustment of dual-rate

  1. Hi Tero,
    I'm thinking why should be Slave Link checked in this case. Mix Elevator->Elevator is working even w/o Slave Link checked. Or maybe I'm missing something?

    I want link mixes like Ailerons->Rudder and Rudder->Elevator i.e. when rolling by Ailerons at the same time Rudder helps me to turn and also Elevator slightly pulls up.
    There is no direct link between Ailerons and Elevator. Here helps Slave/Master link
    So, Ail->Rud is Slave (giving output to common usage) and Rud->Ele is Master (taking output of all Slave linked mixes)
    When moving Ailerons, Rudder and Elevator is also responding

    Nice website

  2. In this case a reader needed a specific function and when I tried it if I remember right it needed slave checked. Unable to check that out actually right now.

    Thanks, I try to post something good every now and then :)

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