Logic switch for Jeti – Project progress report

After the idea to make Optipower’s Ultra Guard possible to power down from transmitter here I thought that maybe someone else would like to have these also.

Here are some pics of the first examples ready and tested.


The original idea of installing this into Ultra Guard can be done by getting the bare version. Since this can be used to something else also (for example to drive a relay) I decided to make it possible to get one with servopins soldered. Straight servocable from Jeti RX, no special connections there.


It sure ain’t “too big”….

Really simple, input is straight cable from Jeti RX (output defined as “Digital Out”) and on the output one can choose between GND to OUT via 100Ω current-limiting resistor or straight GND to OUT without resistor. Components can handle 6.5A but final current-limit will still be determined.

So, available soon now on shop! :)

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