Announce flight-pack voltage on startup

A reader requested a simple action where he could get flight-pack voltage every time he connected a fresh battery to his plane. He tried to adapt my flight-pack warning -post but got stuck with something so here’s a little help on the way.


An announcement of flight-pack voltage made every time a new battery is connected after chosen amount of time.


This is pretty straight-forward. First we need to make sure this only happens at start, that’s easy, we’ll do it with a sequencer that is activated by powering the airplane. (or heli or whatever.)

Here it goes:

First, if you don’t already have it, make a telemetry control that is activated when your flying thingy is powered:


Give the control some fitting name. You need to have flight-pack voltage sensor (MUI, from ESC etc) for this, RX-voltage do not work. So choose sensor “Voltage”. Set “Type of control” to switch and make the condition as “X is bigger than 5 volts”. Adjust voltage to Your liking, this is an working example for 6S flight-pack. That’s it, no switch etc selected for this. Let’s move on.

Next step is to make the sequencer:


In my example it’s sequence Q4. Start by selecting the just made telemetry control “MX1” as switch to activate this sequence. In my example I wan’t Jeti to announce flight-pack voltage after 3 seconds so make a new 0% point to 2.9 seconds and one 100% point to 3.0 seconds. Then move on to “Advanced”:


Here you’ll give the sequence a fitting name. Then define “Type of path” to be Asymmetrical and make sure You disable “Cycling” but enable “Always  finish sequence”. Your done, now go to sensors and alarms.

The alarm is the actual thing that finally announces the value so make a new alarm:


Again, the sensor is the flight-pack voltage. Make the condition to “X is larger then” and either use a really small value or 0.0 volts, don’t matter. To make sure this alarm is active only during startup make the activation switch to be the sequence you just made, in my setup it’s “Q4”. Choose repeat if You wan’t to (why…?) but make sure you have the “Announce current value by voice” activated to hear the actual voltage.

This setup announces the voltage, nothing more. If you wan’t for example announcement like “Flight pack voltage 25.2 volts” you need to make the audio-file “Flight-pack voltage” yourself and move it over to Jeti. In alarm above then choose that file.

There you go, you’re done. Now go out and fly :)

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