Don’t wanna make your own? Or like me, just lazy? Get ready built RFID-Sensors with newest firmware, tested and ready to run! Install in your model and enjoy safer battery management!

Uses cheap 13.56mHz RFID-Tags available from ebay. Note that RC-Thoughts is not selling tags.

FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY: Every RFID-Sensor comes with three (3) AntiMetal tags so you get to testing immediately!

100% compatible with Revo Bump chargers, no additional tags needed if you have Bump-controller and tags!

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RFID-Sensor features

  • Identifies itself to receiver as normal sensor
  • Compatible with Revo Bump technology
  • Has five values: Tag  ID, Battery Capacity, Cycles-count, C-value and Cellcount
  • Cycle-count automatically increases with one after ~30 seconds powered (RC-Thoughts tag only)
  • User can write, re-write and erase tags straight from transmitter (Not allowed on Revo Bump tags)
  • User can change tags on sensor without power-cycling
  • Identifies to transmitter even without tag – Easier setup

Hardware Information

  • RC522 13.56Mhz RFID Read and write module
  • Atmega 328 3.3V Arduino compatible board
  • Custom PCB by RC-Thoughts to allow assembly without wires – will not break!
  • Easy access to reset-button for firmware-updates

Revo Bump Compatible!

Revo Bump is a clever technology from Revolectrix, more info here. The good part is that they use a compatible tag and store all kind of information on the tag. They also were kind to share the data-layout so I could confirm my reverse-engineered data-fields.

Usage on RC-Thoughts Jeti RFID-Sensor is even more easy than before:

  • No need to write the tag with Jetibox, already done by Revo Bump controller
  • All tag-values are the same
  • Cycle-count is managed by Revo Bump controller, that means no cycle increase in flight by RC-Thoughts Jeti RFID-Sensor
  • Usage with RC-Thoughts Jeti Tools RFID-Battery (here) is just the same as with our RFID-tags

Lua-app available!

RFID-Sensor can be used with free Lua-app RFID-Battery available from RC-Thoughts here. Available for DC/DS-16/24.


RFID-Battery application features on DC/DS-24:

  • One app to all models, up to 15 batteries per model
  • Automatic battery identification based on ID-number from RFID-tag
  • RFID-info is ID, Capacity (mAh), Cycle-count and Cell-count
  • Automatic detection of 2-pack config (For example two 7S in 14S use)
  • Automatic detection of empty battery when powering model
  • Empty battery on powering -alarm has repeatable and user selectable voice-alert
  • Used capacity alarm has repeatable and user selectable voice-alert
  • Several different telemetry screens available based on available information
  • Warning and info-screen on main screen
  • Minimal setting required
  • Allows usage of batteries with any voltage, capacity in one model without doing several overlapping telemetry-warnings etc
  • All settings are model-specific
  • Full battery-logging!


RFID-Battery application features on DC/DS-16:

  • Fully automatic capacity-warning regardless of battery-size
  • Unlimited amount of batteries allowed
  • Allows usage of batteries with any voltage, capacity in one model without doing several overlapping telemetry-warnings etc
  • Automatic battery identification based oncapacity-info from RFID-tag
  • Used capacity alarm has user selectable voice-alert
  • Minimal setting required

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