Brain2 Under The Hood?

I contacted MSHeli some time ago about wanting to do some in-deep articles about new Brain2 and it’s new functions. MSHeli responded very well and sent me one Brain2 for study and experiment on. Fedex just dropped by so really big thanks to Corrado & others at MSHeli!

What will RC-Thoughts focus on?

For (maybe) obvious reason I’ll be taking a deep look into Jeti integration. What are the limitations (if any?), what are benefits, what is easy, what is not easy and so on. One thing that I’ve seen people being discussed on forums is the combination of integration and Lua at the same time. So, any issues there?

Of course one thing we cannot forget is Brain2 + telemetry + Jeti. This is a world first so this will be investigated as thoroughly I can. One thing I’m very interested on is  the logging especially compared to logging in transmitter. This will be fun for sure.

Bonus comparison coming up!

Another thing I am very interested on is performance differences between different protocols used. How does Jeti + PPM + Brain2 perform? Or Jeti + EX Bus + Brain2? And to make things more interesting I’ll be throwing a Spirit Pro and VBar into the mix also.

Something I missed?

If there’s something specific you want to be tested let me know here!

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