Text-To-Speech Service Improved

Ever since the TTS-service was deployed I was not totally happy about the sound-level of files. It was sort of enough so I did nothing about it. But after the latest issue with VoiceRSS it seems like the overall sound level (“volume”) of files is now a bit lower. So, I fixed that.

Normalizing Audio

According Wikipedia “normalizing audio” is “the application of a constant amount of gain to an audio recording to bring the amplitude to a target level (the norm)”. Basically what that means is that we adjust the volume of the audio-file to optimum.

How Do Yo Use Normalization

Easy, it’s on by default. You can however turn it off if you want to, it’s a selectable option if you for some strange reason would want it off.

Enjoy the new feature!

3 thoughts on “Text-To-Speech Service Improved

  1. Tero,

    Thanks for providing this service! I have only added a few custom sound files in the last five years but struggled doing so. I’ve created several new files using TTS today. Just not sure how to load to my Tx and where they go. Devices, language?

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