TTS Is Fixed!

The popular Text-To-Speech service is fixed!


Issue was wrong sampling rate applied from VoiceRSS when requesting a certain sampling rate. This made the file unplayable in Jeti with error-message of sampling rate issues.


I emailed VoiceRSS this morning and even tho it’s Saturday they answered within 7 hours informing me that issue was fixed. I’d say that’s quite impressive FREE service! Big thanks to VoiceRSS for reaching out!


Did some testing on DC-24, works as expected now! Have fun!

5 thoughts on “TTS Is Fixed!

  1. Tero,
    thanks a lot for your effort.
    Unfortunatelly the soundfile are a bit quieter as before (just my personal impression). Do you have an idea to make them a bit louder?

    1. You could run the files through Audacity, free (and great!) audio editing software. Some info is here:

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