TTS Service broken

Unfortunately issues with Text-To-Speech service continues.

Sample Rate

There is an issue with sample rate on the audio file produced at the moment. For example selecting 44kHz should generate a 44.1kHz file that works in Jeti but at the moment the file is 44kHz which does not work. Also there’s something wrong with 22kHz sample rate too, it does prduce the correct 22050Hz sample rate but is unplayable.

The Fix

I have been in contact with VoiceRSS on this, we’ll have to wait a bit to see what they say. I might be forced to look into alternative TTS-sources too.

Usable At All?

For 14/16 users you can use 8kHz, it might work. Sounds terrible… For 24-users use mp3.

Sorry for the hazzle but it really is out of my hands.

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