RC-Thoughts Goes International!

Since the RC-Thoughts.com readers come from different countries with different language-skills I thought to try and help people out a bit.

RC-Thoughts is now translated!

In the main menu to the right is a new item “Translate” with six different languages. Those were selected by looking what language-settings readers have when reading RC-Thoughts.

Usage of translation-feature

Could not be easier to use. Just select your language, wait a second and RC-Thoughts.com is in your language. The preferred language is kept during your whole reading-session. The way it works is that the page is fetched from RC-Thoughts.com and then transferred by Google translator. So everytime you jump to a new page it’s first shown in english and then immediately in your language. To stop the translation simply select “English”.

So simple!

Problems? Need more languages?

Note that translation might change the content, so always be sure to check the english-version if you are uncertain of something. Translations are not 100% perfect. And yes, “RC-Thoughts” get translated too, it’s hilarious! :)

Let me know through contact-page if there’s any issues or you need more languages!

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