Battery Percentage And OneCapacity Updated!

A small but important update!

New features on Battery Percentage and OneCapacity

Since the beginning we RC-users have been measuring used capacity in mAh since it’s more usable in our sometimes low-current consuming devices. But, to be strict the consumed capacity’s real measuring unit is Ah and apparently there are some current-sensors giving out Ah and not mAh as we are used to.

What happens when using Battery Capacity version 2.4 with a Unilog sensor? Let’s say you have a 3500mAh battery and use 570mAh. That would be something like 17%. But with Unilog the value is not 570mAh, it’s 0.57Ah. Meaning Battery Percentage calculates the percentage to 0.02%. So, Battery Percentage is useless to all Unilog-users since Unilog is not capable to change the Ah to mAh.

How is the issue solved in BatteryPercentage and OneCapacity?

Solution is really easy. If sensor is set and it’s online, giving a valid value we take a look on the unit. If unit is “mAh” we do not alter the value at all. If value is something else like “Ah” we simply multiply it with 1000 to get mAh. With Unilog this means steps of 10mAh since original smallest value is 0.01Ah. So, a really simple solution.

Where to get updates?

As usual, app-pages for Battery Percentage and OneCapacity are updated. Updated info is also sent to Nightflyers App Manager and of course to Jetimodel to be updated for Jeti Studios App Manager.


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