FW 4.28 Is Out!

Jetimodel just released firmware 4.28 for all transmitters. Let’s have a look!

Firmware 4.28 New features

  • Redesigned telemetry selection screen for choosing displayed data on the main screen, voice outputs or alarm reports. The screen is now easier to use and lets you choose simply between different types of data.

Now, this is quite clever, and in my opinion also very needed. We have a lot of different information we can add to main screen and choosing them have been a bit messy. No more, it really couldn’t be any more clear than this:

First, open up the settings for what you wan’t to see on your main-screen:

After selecting Add you are presented with new screen:

The possibilities are now divided to sections. For example under “System” you’ll find Flight Modes, TX/RX telemetry, Antenna etc. Under “Lua” is all the telemetry-screen offered by currently installed Lua-apps. “Telemetry” has all the sensors. Noticed that I did not mention “Timers”? You’ll have to figure that out :)


  • Corrected user function sorting, which could lead to wrong assignment of function curves and gyro sensitivity control channels.
  • Lua: Added experimental function for direct control of vario sound using Lua application: system.setVario (<value>, <useShortTone>, <disableVarioOutput>). If you use an application that can control vario sound with this Lua function, you also need to set the “Lua” mode in the Timers/Sensors – Vario menu.
  • Corrected saving of text alarms to the log files.
  • In the Advanced Properties – Wireless Modes/Trainer, the option of mixing or overriding the teacher’s model functions has been added.
  • The display of time telemetry data type acquired by the sensors now uses a larger text font on the main screen for better readability if a double-size telemetry window is used.
  • DC/DS-24: Actual telemetry values for connected sensors are displayed in the Timers/Sensors – Sensors/logging menu.

The Vario now has a fourth option, “Lua”:

Something I need to test out at some point for sure.

Current component-versions

The COM, TXP, TXS, TXB are updated from 1.26 to 1.29 giving us hints on something being adjusted on TX/RX-side of the code. Also SWR/SWL are updated from 1.06 to 1.07. Unfortunately can’t remember if PWR was updated :)

Added bonus!

I usually take a close look on what is added in a update. Most often there’s things not told that can be found. There was a certain file that came already a few updates ago, it’s useless to us all for now but it was there. I checked again after updating to 4.28 and apparently it’s updated in this release. Let’s take a look in to transmitters “Devices”-folder:

What’s a “MTAG”? Shouldn’t be too hard to figure it out, I’ll tell you soon :)

2 thoughts on “FW 4.28 Is Out!

  1. I also noticed they addressed an issue that surfaced with the sliders and throws.. after updating my slider based channels were cut to 50% throw.. Its working now with 4.28.

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