Lua RCT Flight Counter released

Small but handy app, born from a forum-request in one hour, and definitely last app for 2017!

RCT Flight Counter

Simple, counts flights based on the switch you define! Best practice would be a telemetry-switch like “when flight battery is over 10V” or “when relative altitude is over 10 meters” to get a true flight.


Handy thing, this lua, we can make small but needed or wanted things quite easily. Read about app here!

2 thoughts on “Lua RCT Flight Counter released

  1. Hi Tero,
    Nice small utility. Works great on my DS16
    Where data (num. of flight). are saved ?
    Do you save only nb flight value or also date ?
    Will be great to be able to export a log, with date and number of flight.

    1. All the data is stores as lua-variables. When changing model or turning off the transmitter the values are stored to models .jsn file. The native log-function is not straight available in lua yet.

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