JR declared in bankruptcy

There’s some bad news in RC-scene, the 1976 founded Japan Remote Control Co. Ltd known as JR have been declared in bankruptcy with debts of 4 billion yen, (~$3.6 million or 3 million €)

This should not be a too big surprise to anyone after the news about a year ago when JR announced cutbacks in their operation but still, sad to see an old and established brand go down.


It’s not uncommon for a brand to survive in situations like this, but we just have to wait and see. There is always the possibility of new ownership or selling the brand an material and immaterial goods to another operator. Let’s wait and see what happens. One thing is known, future for JR as RC-brand is very uncertain at the moment in my opinion even when JR Americas states that production will continue at least in some extent.

At the moment RC-Depot is making some of JR’s products in Malaysia but official status of future is not widely known. We’ll see what happens. 

It may be that the brand JR will live on, here is a press release from JR Americas from yesterday:

News source: http://www.tdb.co.jp/tosan/syosai/4412.html (in Japan, translated to english here.)

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