Easier RFID-Sensor assembly!

If you have made RFID-Sensors you have been fiddling with the amount of wires needed. Malte Schröder has help for you!

Middle PCB

Malte designed a simple PCB to be placed between RC522- and Arduino-boards:

These makes assembling the unit a breeze!

How to order

Go to Malte’s shared project here, register and order. 3 boards will set you back with only 5-6€ so it’s definitely cost-effective. You need to register to Oshpark to order.

I have used Oshpark quite a lot myself and they have great quality so I can recommend their service too.

6 thoughts on “Easier RFID-Sensor assembly!

  1. Do you also incorporate Malte's TeensyLT or Teensy3.2 board in this new RFID sensor build?

    1. No, this board is designed for Arduino Pro Mini. Teensy is interesting due different CPU but it's also ~5 times the cost.

  2. Why are there 2 resistor spaces on the board? The schematics are showing only one resistor.

  3. Tero,
    Do you have a picture of how you did the resistor? I’ve built 2 of these so far and neither is recognized by my Jeti rx.

    1. Looking at the Malte's PCB you need two 1.2kΩ resistors or you can use one 2.4kΩ as R1 and connect a jumper-wire as R2. The R1 and R2 are in series.

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