Jeti VarioMeter Updated

After some reports from users with Ebay-bought BME280 not working and after some investigation I found out that some units have different I2C-addresses. Changing the address would require fiddling with library and using Arduino IDE so I thought it could be made easier to users.

Making stuff automatic

Some BMP280 and BMP280 boards have different I2C-addresses and Adafruit library defines one of them. Now, if the board you have has different address it does not work.

Some boards have pads to solder for changing the address-bit but not all so I fixed it in firmware. Function now is that if the sensor is not found in one of the addresses another address is tried before looking for next type of sensor.

Best part is that user does not need to do anything, everything is fully automatic.

I have version 1.4, should I update to 1.5?

If you have your sensor up and running then no. No new features are added, only the sensor initialization is reworked.

The sensor-page is updated with initialization-info and github is updated. Enjoy!

One thought on “Jeti VarioMeter Updated

  1. Hy Tero,
    here I am again.
    With your help, I have made my first Jeti-Sensor, your Vario and it works.
    I´m very happy, that I have been able to do this.
    But there are some things I find out and I do´nt know, if there are korrekt.
    First, the displays attitude works fine. When the vario is lying on a table the
    display shows a range form only -0,1 to +0,15 meters. And when I move the vario
    up for 1m, I see about 1m attitude at the display of my transmitter. Thats great!
    But the problem is sound an the display of the vario:
    There is absolutely calm air in my room. But when I started the vario, I see (and hear)
    a range from -0,5 to +0,8 m/s. When moving up for about 2 meters, I hear and see no
    clear noise for climbing, it works allways with the range, I wrote.
    A parallel test with a piccolario (custom made vario from renschler) shows in the same
    conditios a range from -0,1 to +0,1 m/s konstantly.
    What do you mean, is there something wrong? My sensor is a 5611.
    Thanks for your help
    Greetings from rainy germany

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