Artificial Horizon App Is Out (Jetimodel)

Yes, Jetimodel makes Lua-apps too!

Artificial Horizon App for Assist

Now how cool is this on your main screen:

Settings are easy:

And the best of it, source code is out there so you can use it to make your own home screen for example :)

Jetimodel Github

Check out the Jetimodels Github repository here, a lot of interesting code there :)

10 thoughts on “Artificial Horizon App Is Out (Jetimodel)

  1. hi tero
    i tried loading the horizon lua app on my DS16 however it says file error….is this because the file is 20kb and a memory issue or is there something else?

    1. How did you download it? You need to download the full zip-package, read more here:
      It's been confirmed to run in 14/16 too.

  2. ok, i also have the same issue, i see the horizon lua file, but in applications (DS16) i don't have anywhere the option to select user applications, how can i start it? or must i install the rex assist first?

    1. Hi Tero, yes, i have 4.23 installed, copied the file, even Lang (as folder and only the file) to no prevail, unless there is something i am missing from, sorry but what am i missing?

      1. This post is about Jetimodels lua-app called Artificial Horizon. RCT-Perc is totally different app. If you have issues with Artificial Horizon you should contact Jetimodel, if you have issues with RCT-Percentage-app please write to me via contact-page.

        1. Hi Tero, the name of the post was abt horizon app. I installed all apps from zip package, including yours, was just asking for help on how to load it as I have the 4.23 but I don’t see anywhere the option to load user apps

          1. It's in telemetry menu. Did you read this:

  3. Jeti sent me the proper firmware, had an issue with the downloaded one, now all good!
    I wonder, die the igyro share the telemetry over the bus port? That would be a neat integration :)
    Many thanks for your help, appreciated!

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