LiPo Watcher Released!

I don’t know what you guys have been reading but there’s been several request’s all of the sudden for this kind of app in the past few days. So it was time to write it!

Introducing LiPo Watcher!

Not everyone has a current/capacity-sensor in their models so they are forced to monitor the voltage. Wouldn’t it be cool and easy to get a simple and understandable “remaining battery-charge as percent”? Here it is!

LiPo-Watchers monitors your main battery voltage and calculates remaining battery-percentage from that.


Featured Functions

Simple but powerful features:

  • Calculates LiPo cell-voltage from main battery voltage
  • Converts LiPo cell-voltage to remaining percentage with help of cell-count
  • Voltage is counted as average to prevent short voltage-dipping to affect result
  • User selectable alarm-point
  • Voice announcement when remaining percentage is under set limit
  • Possibility to adjust averaging parameter

Note: LiPo Watcher works in DC/DS-14/16/24 with firmware 4.22 and up

Get yours and try it out!

Head on to LiPo Watcher page here and read the full story :)

11 thoughts on “LiPo Watcher Released!

  1. Very cool, another great idea.

    You mentioned LiPo and HV LiPo, but what about other Rx battery chemistries with lower voltages (LiIon like the Jeti Rx batteries) and LiFePO4?
    I assume that this app should measure the battery voltage when idle and not under load/in flight, in order to get a stable reading (like when using a LiPo checker on the ground)?

    1. Works of course for them too but you need to adjust the voltage-to-percent table for respective chemistry. App is made for LiPo initially as the name says :)

    1. You need to tell me more :)

      – What error?
      – In what point, starting the app, installation, what?
      – What (if any) other Lua-apps are you running?
      – What firmware is your transmitter on?

      And the most common error, did you download the app correctly? Please have a look here if in doubt:

      Let me know how it goes :)

      PS: If in doubt, take a screenshot and send it via contact-page here:

      1. Sorry,

        here are some more details:
        – I have copied both files – .ls and .jsn – and then activated under 'User Applications'
        – Sensor (Voltage from Spirit-Unit) and cell-count is set
        – At the time I connect the main battery the window added to the main screen gets empty
        – Under 'User Applications' the printout 'Error' is shown behind the percentage
        – I'm using version 4.23 on the DS-14


  2. Go to applications and press F1 to get to console, please post the error-message here.

    Is this the only Lua-app installed in that model?

  3. While the app works in tested DS-16 I did get it to crash for memory-error. I need to have a look on this. So at the moment -24 only, sorry.

    1. I'm new to the Jeti radios and am just learning about them and really like what what you are doing!
      I'm looking forward to this working for my DS-16! This is an app that I am hoping will get a usable battery voltage in my heli, and probably planes too, while flying. Peak voltage averaging would probably be better, but probably not doable in the ds-16, if at all.
      I really wish there was a way to update the DS-16 to more LUA memory! I really can't justify (even to my self) the cost of a DS-24 just to run LUA apps!

  4. Please remember that battery charge measurement based on voltage is not that accurate.

    But yea, just 25k more memory would be fantastic for 14/16 :)

  5. hi tero
    Cool thing, great work !! if you could use the system sensors (Rx voltage) would be great. Like the Lua Telemetry Percentage app ;-)

  6. Hi,
    great – now it works on my DS-14! But then I realized that some sensors are not that accurate. Is it possible to implement an option to adjust the voltage in steps of 0.1 V ? Actually I'm using an CC ESC in combination with a Spirit FBL unit and the voltage differs on a 12S lipo by 1 V – therefore I get a maximum of 87 % with a fully charged lipo.

    Many thanks

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