Big update for Lua Telemetry-Percentage

After a user sent me a great idea for possibility to use receiver voltages as sensors for Telemetry Value To Percentage I quickly discovered that there’s some more work to do.

One of the first Lua-apps I made

This is the second Lua-app I published little over a year ago. And it shows in the code. I’m far away from good coder but even I noticed that it could use some cleaning and optimizing. Funny how you learn by doing :)

So not only is it more memory-optimized, more feature-rich but it’s now also available for DC/DS-14/16!

Only difference between 14/16 and 24 versions is that 14/16 has one percentage-option where 24-version has two. This is pure memory-thing.

Features in version 2.5

Quite versatile!

  • Two separate calculators with identical functions
  • Convert (almost) any telemetry sensor’s value to percentage
  • User definable sensor value-range
  • User definable decimals
  • Possibility to use 0-100% or 100-0%
  • Creates Lua control (freely usable switch)
  • Enable – disable alarms
  • Lua Control has freely definable alarm-point
  • Alarm-point is definable to ascending or descending
  • Creates telemetry window for main screen (One per sensor)
  • Telemetry window label is user-definable
  • Single and double telemetry-windows available
  • Possibility to show sensor-value in telemetry window
  • Available for all transmitters with Lua-capable firmware
  • Possibility to use receiver-voltages as sensor


  • Show 0% when 480ml fuel is used
  • Alarm when 10% fuel left
  • Show 100% when 3000mAh capacity is used
  • Alarm when 90% capacity is used
  • Use cell-voltage as basis for empty battery
  • See receiver voltage as percentage

So, get yours here!

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