I Need Your Help!

After releasing LiPo Watcher I got several questions to make it support LiFe and/or Li-Ion too.

Code is ready!

Already wrote the code for this, and it works:

But there’s a catch here.

I need Your help!

I need to know the voltage-to-percentage relation for LiFe and Li-Ion. If you have any idea what it is please download a table-file from my server HERE, it’s comma-separated csv-file so it opens in pretty much every spreadsheet-application. (Please save it as .csv too after editing!)

Basically I need to know what voltage in LiFe or Li-Ion is what percentage. And yes, all 100 of them :)

Thankful for any help here!

2 thoughts on “I Need Your Help!

  1. Hello Teros,

    There is no fixed relationship between the voltage and the state of charge of a battery. This voltage depends on many variables, such as the lost current and temperature. Battery quality and battery life also play a role.

    The unloading "charge meters" indicating the remaining capacity in percentages are actually voltmeters that convert the voltage to percent loads. This works very inaccurately. However, an important influencer, the eliminated current, does not play any role.

    The only way to determine the discharged capacity is to measure the current in relation to time.

    With greetings,


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