RCT-LiPoWatcher updated – 14/16 available again

After some great ideas from community RCT-LiPoWatcher is now in version 1.2.


  • Function principle is now max-voltage per measurement period – Adds accuracy
  • Average-calculation is changed optimized heavily for 14/16 compatibility
  • Long test ran in DS-16, passed with flying colors

Usage changes

  • No more need to set averaging parameters

Github here is updated, so is the app-page here. Always remember to test things thoroughly before flying!

Have fun and let me know if there’s any issues! :)

8 thoughts on “RCT-LiPoWatcher updated – 14/16 available again

  1. Thank you for this app! Is there a way to log the values from this app to compare with the input voltage?
    I wish my DS-16 could run more LUA apps at one time. I really can't justify (even to my self) a DS-24 just for the added memory (but your apps sure making it hard not to get one)!

  2. Gotta admit I don’t understand fully what you mean, log what input voltage?

    I have been playing with a version that writes a log-file but not sure if it will run in 14/16. Need to test that.

  3. Sorry, I was (trying) to ask about adding logging output to your app. The reference to the input voltage is (in my case) the voltage from the MUI sensor. I was just curious about how much smoothing happens and to see if there is any times it may not work as well (IE: a long punch out on the heli). I see in another posting that you may have it working and on the DS-16 too! :). The Wizard comes through again! I'll keep my eyes open for the new version….

  4. Hi,
    great – now it works on my DS-14! But then I realized that some sensors are not that accurate. Is it possible to implement an option to adjust the voltage in steps of 0.1 V ? Actually I'm using an CC ESC in combination with a Spirit FBL unit and the voltage differs on a 12S lipo by 1 V – therefore I get a maximum of 87 % with a fully charged lipo.

    Many thanks

    1. Are you saying your 12S lipo shows as 49.4 fully charged? 87% would mean 4.085V per cell, have you measured that lipo really is at 4.2V or close to it?

      1. Yes, the lipo is realy at 100% or nearly 4.2V – the problem might be the measurement in the CC Edge. The value is taken from the Link Live interface and is send to the Jeti transmitter by the Spirit FBL unit.

        1. Is is therefore possible to implement such an option to calibrate the voltage in order to get 100% for a fully charged lipo?

          1. Yes it is, I'll be out of country for some days so I'll get back to this in the end of week.

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