Weatronic is history

According rumors one of the high-end radio-systems, Weatronic is now history.

Powerbox Systems

Weatronic was acquired by Powerbox Systems in april 2016 and as (now old) information then stated they were working on Weatronic hardware to develope it further. Apparently things have now changed and Powerbox is now developing their own transmitter and according their own forum there might be news by the end of this year.

What to expect?

I think we can safely assume the Powerbox radio will have some features Weatronic had and it might be pretty safe to say that Powerbox’s own product will be tightly integrated to the radio on telemetry-side and most likely also with configuration straight from the transmitter. (Sound familiar to anyone?)

We’ll see and wait what happens, and we also welcome Powerbox to the exciting market of high-end transmitters!

Photo by Daniel Larson – Published with permission

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