Jeti Airspeed Sensor is out!

Some time ago I was asked about a affordable way to have a warning before going into stall with a scale-plane. Since true airspeed is one of the most reliable ways to get that info i ordered some parts and started planning one, now it’s out!

Jeti Airspeed Sensor


And of course a little hardware:

Airspeed Sensor Features

  • Airspeed to transmitter
  • User definable units km/h or mph
  • Speedrange ~20 to 225km/h or 20 to 140mph

Accuracy is simply put astonishing. I tested the sensor while driving a car on highway up to 130kmh (~80mph) and values are pinpoint what car’s GPS displayed. Values given from Airspeed Sensor are smoothed for stability but without suffering update speed.

Total cost?

Little more than the usual 5 to 10 bucks due the price of dual pressure sensor needed. Total is just under 25€ (or under $30) so still not expensive at all!

Tell me where?!

Go here! Enjoy!

Photo by Daniel Larson – Published with permission

5 thoughts on “Jeti Airspeed Sensor is out!

  1. Is it possible to make speed announcement like the original jeti speed sensor ?


    1. Just program transmitter to announce at will with a switch. There's also Lua, similar function like in AltAnnouncer could work.

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