Cortex got Jeti integration

It’s been on rumors and promises a while, now its here!

Cortex Pro has Jeti integration

Taken from Jeti USA Facebook:

This is included in firmware update 1.2 available on Bavarian Demon website here. Don’t forget the Jeti bin-file!

Firmware release notes

  • Jeti Integration available, access to all tuning parameter via Jeti radio (Bin-file needed!)
  • Jeti Telemetrie integrated, all sensor data is now passed back through the CORTEXpro to the receiver (Note: therefore, a fix way of connecting receivers and CentralBox applies, see manual V1.3 for details)
  • Bugfix: Stick priority parameter for Rudder now adjustable within the limits (so far only values up to ‚20’ possible, higher values ignored).

Now. All i need is a plank… This one would be nice…:)

Photo by Daniel Larson – Published with permission

5 thoughts on “Cortex got Jeti integration

  1. Hi Teros,
    I have Jeti integration with Axon working fine on my DS-14, using the latest software upgrade including the Lua facility. Problem is that I am now also trying to get integration with the CortexPro, and for some reason can't make it happen. Is this a space issue?
    Do I need to go back to the standard base upgrade to 4.22 without Lua? And if so how do I go about going back an only upgrading to base 4.22. P.S. I am not using any further Lua apps.

    1. Hi Andrew
      Check that you have the correct .bin file on your transmitters Device-folder, get the most recent from here:

      Also make sure your Cortex is on correct firmware. I really do not think that 4.22 Lua would be the culprit, if you do decide to update to 4.22 standard just put the update.bin to Update-folder on your transmitter and update as with any update.

      1. Thanks Tero,
        Both the Standard v4.22 and .bin file, I had correctly in place, but had not felt able to use EX Bus, because my analogue servos didn't seem to want to play nicely. It had been a while since I had used analogue servos at all, and the violent movement after previous 'teach-in' led me to feel the EX Bus use would not work. However, I persevered, repeating the teach-in, and everything settled down to work correctly, with the CortexPro integration working perfectly now. Thank you for your help! My issue was not appreciating that the use of EX Bus was obligatory, and having faith in the 'teach-in' process, given the PC facility.

  2. What is the proper wiring for the cortex pro and jeti

    I tried hooking the pro to the jeti Rex but device explorer doesn't see it. What am I missing?

    I used a single line from port b to ex port on rx

    1. You should have a look in the manual and try yourself, I do not have an Cortex or Cortex Pro to test. A bit too expensive to buy for me just to test integration. And no, Bavarian have not sent me one :)

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