Logical Glow-channel

User approached with request on how to achieve his engine’s glow to be operational in two cases using three position switch and throttle-stick:

  • Glow should be ON when switch is in position 2
  • Glow should be ON when switch is in position 3 and throttle is lower than 30%

So. There’s a hint, there’s one “AND” in there, this means we will need to get logical once again. So, here it goes:

Example setup

  • Throttle on P4 stick (I’m on mode 2)
  • 3-position switch is Sf
  • Glow is put on channel 8 on receiver

Programming logical glow channel

Step one is to program a logical switch called “Glow 1”:

Throttle needs to be programmed as proportional, here’s throttle in the middle position:

The switch is programmed without any options and in position 3:

Next step is to set the options for the logical switch, Control 1 being the throttle stick needs to be “X is less than” and the percentage what you want, in our case 30%. Condition needs to be “AND”:

Now test this. Put your switch to the 3rd position and lower throttle to under 30%, this logical switch is active!

Next step is to make another logical switch called “Glow 2”:

This is simple one. Basically it’s “If logical switch Glow 1 is active OR switch is in 2nd position”. So, let’s program the Control 1 to be the Logical switch we just made:

After that the Control 2 is the switch in 2nd position:

Last thing is to check our config for the logical switch 2 to be as “Logical Switch 1 OR switch in 2nd position”:

This means that our new logical switch is active if “switch is in position 2” OR “switch is in position 3 and throttle is lower than 30%”, just as user needed.

Configuration of glow-channel

Go to Model -> Function Assignment and add a channel named “Glow” and the control to be our new logical switch 2:

Last thing to do is to assign that new function to a channel, so head on to Model -> Servo assignment and put the Glow-function to a channel of your choice, in my case it’s channel 8:


Test it, and enjoy flying!

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