Jeti G-Force Sensor is out!

Ever wanted to know the stress on wings? Or forces when doing a sharp, long turn? Need to launch wingtip-smoke automatically with your scale-jet in sharp turns? Wanna see what pitch and roll angle are in different situations? Here’s a DIY sensor giving you that information!

VERY affordable, total cost easily under 5€! Only 4 wires between sensor and Arduino, very easy to solder :)

Features and operating modes

Sensor has simple yet effective features:

  • X-Axis G-force
  • Y-Axis G-force
  • Z-Axis G-force
  • Pitch angle measured in degrees
  • Roll angle measured in degrees
  • All values are calibrated by user via Jetibox

G-Force measurement has a range of ±16G.

So head on to DIY-page HERE and make one yourself!

Photo by Daniel Larson – Published with permission

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