New sensor in town – Jeti FourTemp

There’s a feeling of “déjà vu” here. i was bored so I made a Jeti sensor, I think it have happened before… I had some Dallas DS18B20 temperature-sensors lying around and thought that this would make a good dual-temperature-sensor for DIY-guys. Then I thought that “Jetimodel has a dual temperature. Why stop there, let’s make it FOUR!”

Some hours later it’s not only ready and tested but also published :)

Jeti FourTemp

Very affordable sensor for measuring up to four different temperatures between -55 and +125°C, total parts cost around 6-7€!



Features are very simple:

  • Measures up to four temperatures (You can use from 1 up to 4 sensors, choise is yours!)
  • Installs as a normal sensor to transmitter
  • Givesfour temperature-values
  • Sensors readable also in Jetibox
  • Temperatures updated every 750ms (DS18B20 feature)

So, head on to Jeti FourTemp page here and have a look!

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