Model Announcer released

I really like the fact that there’s always many ways to accomplish some task with Jeti transmitters. Like this modelname announcing when model is started.

I wrote a small and convenient app where to goal was to make all settings as easy as possible. So there’s only two settings :)

Model Announcer

App itself is so easy it can be:

Just select the audiofile and adjust delay if you need and you’re set. Just cannot be easier!

Aimed perhaps more for 24-users since memory is a necessity in 16 but Model announcer works in all Lua-equipped DC/DS-transmitters.

Head on to Model Announcer to check it out, and make your own audiofiles in RC-Thoughts free Text-To-Speech service!

One thought on “Model Announcer released

  1. Bonjour
    La lua model announcer ne fonctionne plus sur dc/de V2
    Y a t'il une mise à jour?

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