Some user-requested updates to altitude-stuff is just out:

Altitude Announcer (Lua)

It is now possible to choose between long and short voice announcement. The long is the “Altitude fifty meters” and now possible to select the short version like “fifty meters”:

So, if you use it, check it out here.

Jeti Altmeter – sensor

Since the text “RCT: Altitude” on the telemetry-windows on main screen is coming from sensor a user requested to get it translated to German. So now github hosts also a German-version of the Arduino-files for both BMP180 and BMP280 equipped sensors.

That means “Altitude” is now “Hoehe” and Temperature” is now “Temperatur”.

Viel Spaß mit dem Sensor!

One thought on “Altitude-updates!

  1. Hi,
    Werry nice work, I'am just waiting for hall sensors to test RPM ;-)
    After speaking with my friend (elecronic ie), he sugests that will be nice if one arduino can have multiple diferent sensors coupled on one board. I know that they are realy ceap but we will lose a lot of wiering, just my 5cents.
    Regards from Slowenia

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