Jeti FourTemp v.1.1 released

The Jeti FourTemp was planned, built, tested and released yesterday. I thought a bit more on the behaviour and did a lot of changes to version 1.1

New features and functions

For the first, there is now a separate version for celsius and fahrenheit, no biggie there. But the connection between Arduino and actual sensors is re-done from ground up.

All four sensors connect their signal-pins now to own OneWire bus in Arduino. Reason is simple, if you have four sensors connected and remove sensor 2 in current version sensors “don’t jump” between Temp 1, Temp 2 and so on any more.

Said easier, sensor connected to Temp 3 input is always Temp 3.

May sound a bit fuzzy but trust me, makes life easier :)

2 thoughts on “Jeti FourTemp v.1.1 released

  1. Great again! Btw, you can connect the sensors with 2 wires only, just connect vcc+gnd together, and without pull-up resistors. With "DallasTemperatur" -library it is very straightforward to get the readings also (

    1. I know, it would not have worked in v.1.0 due the too slow value-update from parasite-powered DS18B20's in same bus. However it would work in this version since all sensors are alone in their bus. We'll see what happens in future!

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