Jeti Altmeter is updated

A user approached me and needed a small function to Jeti Altmeter, a reset.

Added altitude reset

The way sensor works is that after powered it set’s altitude to zero. That means it takes current air pressure and takes that as a base-value. Now, if you have your model powered on for longer period (not powering RX-power down between flight for example) or the weather changes a bit the “zero-level” might drift a bit. So, user needed a function to reset the altitude to zero without powering down the model.

Jetibox to rescue!

Since in the free part of telemetry-protocol we are not allowed to tell anything like switch-info to sensor we need to use Jetibox, no now you can use that to reset altitude back to zero anytime you want.

Jeti Altmeter is most likely the most popular of the sensors available here in RC-Thoughts, itäs affordable and needs very little soldering, go ahead and make your own, instructions are here!


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