Introducing OneCapacity

You have a current sensor that does not store value between usage. You use the same battery for several rounds of usage, this is especially often done with RX-battery. How do you keep track on capacity? Some current sensors can keep track on that but then there is a reset-issue, how do you reset the value? Following voltage is not that accurate either.

You could do without clearing values from screen after flight and write down the used value per flight. But isn’t that a bit 70’s? Let’s do it with Lua instead!

Introducing OneCapacity!

Featured functions

  • User selectable capacity sensor
  • User selectable reset switch
  • Optional Lua control for example for alarms
  • Stores used capacity between usage (Model can be powered off)
  • Stores used capacity even when transmitter is turned off between usage
  • Reset possible to current value or reset to zero
  • Telemetry window for main screen

Available for DC/DS-14/16/24, requires firmware 4.22 or higher. App does not run with older firmware.

Jump to OneCpacity to read more!

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