Big Lua update!

Can’t stop progress. Jetimodel have been improving Lua-possibilities in recent firmware-releases, first in 4.20 and then again in 4.22.


One of the most important things added was the io.readall( ) for file-reading. Using the readall instead of old way of reading translation files line-by-line is so much more efficient so that was the main reason for updating all my Lua-apps to new versions.

I also added collectgarbage() functions to keep memory-usage as low as possible in every apps, this is especially important in 14/16 versions.

Updating apps you use is highly recommended!


AltAnnouncer got a Czech translation by Michal Hutnik, thank you very much!

If you want to contribute please send your own translation via contact-page here. Translation is easy, open the language-file (.jsn from Apps/Lang-folder) and translate text to your own language. Sharing is fun!

Current versions of RC-Thoughts Jeti Tools

Here’s current versions all in one table:

12-Hour Clock   v.1.2      AllJumpen
Altitude Announcer   v.1.4      AllJumpen de 
Battery Percentage with Options   v.2.3      AllJumpen de fr spanish_fl  
Comfortable   v.1.4      AllJumpen de 
Empty Battery Alarm   v.1.3      24Jumpen de spanish_fl 
Event Counter   v.2.0      AllJumpen de fr spanish_fl 
Model Announcer   v.1.1      AllJumpen
Momentary to Latching Switches   v.1.7      24Jumpen de fr
OneCapacity   v.1.1      AllJumpen de
RFID-Battery   v.2.1      AllJumpen de 
Snapper   v.1.5      AllJumpen de fr 
Telemetry Value to Percentage   v.2.4      24Jumpen de fr spanish_fl 

Edited, updated table after receiving several new translations from Norbert Kolb

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