Spirit Rescue with Jeti

We all know the Jeti-integrated FBL-unit Spirit, right? If not, have look at the Spirit-site here, really great little peace of engineering.

What I just love in it is that all settings are available straight from your Jeti-transmitter, comes handy especially if the unit is installed in tight places, for example in scale heli’s etc.


Yes, as market demands these days Spirit has rescue. The rescue is controlled with negative value on gyro-channel and this might be a brain-teaser at first.

So, to explain this, here’s a normal way of controlling a heli’s 3 flight-modes Normal, Idle Up 1 and Idle Up 2, they have gyro values of 70%, 60% and 50% in our example:

Spirit Rescue

Now, in order to use rescue with a switch we need to get these values the same but negative. That means they need to be -70%, -60& or -50% depending on flight-mode if rescue-switch is activated.

This was partly posted on Helifreak by manphil but without information on mixes, here’s the whole shebang! Works on all Jeti radios from 14 to 24.

Mixes to rescue!

Solution is really simple. As a FBL heli-flyer I very rarely need mixes so they are a bit unknown territory to me. And what I’ve talked with other Jeti- and heli-guys they feel the pain too, mixes are a “black hole”. Fortunately this time it’s so easy it’s embarrassing. Let’s get on it.

How To

Go to “Main Menu” -> “Fine Tuning” -> “Free Mixes” and press F2 (Add):

Spirit Rescue

Make the both “From” and “To” channels to be “Gyro Channel”:

Spirit Rescue

Now, go to “Advanced”, make the “Master Value” to -100% and select your rescue switch:

Spirit Rescue

All other settings are left as is. Now, here’s the kicker, you need to make another mix just like the first one. The result should be two identical mixes, both using “From gyro channel to gyro channel, -100% and activated by rescue switch”:

Spirit Rescue

Test it! Go to channel monitoring, look at gyro channel’s value in different flight-modes and use the rescue switch. You’ll see that with rescue switch the value goes to negative-side and with same value it was without rescue switch.

So simple, after all.


This means that rescue works in ALL flight-modes, including autorotation. But why anyone would use rescue in autorotation is beyond me, there’s bailout for that!

If you need rescue only in specific flight-modes you can change mixes from G to S and put the values to -100% only in flight-modes you need rescue in and leave value to 0% in those where rescue is not needed.

All done!

That’s all folks! Now get out and fly something :)

3 thoughts on “Spirit Rescue with Jeti

    1. You did not say where it failed. You could send me your model-file and I can have a look if you want. Go to contact-page, you can attach the file in there.

  1. Thanks for this. Initialy it didn't work, but then I went back into the Spirit software and found that I hadn't enabled the rescue feature.
    As soon as I did that it worked perfectly.
    A lot easier to follow with your screen shot.
    This is my first Spirit setup.

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