Optimization is done!

I can honestly say that “it’s done”. Finally.  RC-Thoughts.com is now so optimized it can be with my limited knowledge and I have to be both very pleased and somewhat proud :)


Testing with the famous GTmetrix from Dallas, US with Chrome gives a result of 0.9 seconds for page to load. Same test from London, UK gives a result of 0.4 seconds.

Dallas, US:


London, UK:


The difference between US and UK comes purely from delay in internet, connecting from UK to RC-Thoughts.com server in Netherlands takes ~0.5 seconds less compared to US. And that is something I cannot do anything to.


What’s more important to me is that site now get’s 100% score on both Pagespeed and YSlow. This can be considered as a really great taking into account the fact that this is a WordPress-site with quite a lot of plugins.

What’s next?

Well. Time to concentrate on something totally different. This Bell 222 needs to be re-worked a bit, it’s been sitting in a storage room for many years. Goal is to have it up in the air at spring latest.

Boys In The Hood

So, enjoy the hobby, and hopefully you can also enjoy a lot faster and more stable RC-Thoughts.com  from now on!

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