Jeti RFID-Battery is here!

Well, it took one week’s all free time and big parts of some nights too. Hardware arrived after some ebay-shopping on last friday and was assembled and tested in about one hour, thanks to excellent guide from AlastairC in Helifreak here.

The code for the RC-Thoughts Jeti-Tools RFID-Battery application was a monster. Result is about three times bigger app than any other I’ve done. I had to learn some new programming-ways but it’s all just for the good, I learned a lot, again :)


rfid_jeti_023 rfid_jeti_005

Application is truly feature-rich:

  • One app to all models, up to 15 batteries per model
  • Automatic battery identification based on ID-number from RFID-tag
  • RFID-info is ID, Capacity (mAh), Cycle-count and Cell-count
  • Automatic detection of 2-pack config (For example two 7S in 14S use)
  • Automatic detection of empty battery when powering model
  • Empty battery on powering -alarm has repeatable and user selectable voice-alert
  • Used capacity alarm has repeatable and user selectable voice-alert
  • Several different telemetry screens available based on available information
  • Warning and info-screen on main screen
  • Minimal setting required
  • Allows usage of batteries with any voltage, capacity in one model without doing several overlapping telemetry-warnings etc
  • All settings are model-specific

And for the first time with Jeti, true battery-information logging!


  • A new line is added to logfile after every successful cycle
  • Data includes date/time, Model name, battery name, battery capacity, used capacity and cycle-count
  • Log is written in comma delimited csv-format with date and time in ISO 8601 format for perfect platform-independent compatibility
  • Log is common for all models collecting all batteries usage to one file

Hardware How-To?

Don’t worry, will come online very soon!

Go and check the application out here!

rfid_pcb rfid_proto rfid_proto_2

4 thoughts on “Jeti RFID-Battery is here!

    1. At present day no. I would need some Revo-tags to test with and first of all I see no reason for me to buy them, I'm on iCharger-setup.

      I contacted Revo several months ago and discussed this since this is an old idea I wanted to do and possibly sell, it would have been cool to build it Revo-compatible. I wanted to make a compatible unit, Revo said they would come back to me after thinking of NDA and talking to their lawyers, they never came back. So I went with open-source instead since it's quick and basically everything is already made.

      The cost of full setup + 10 pcs of RFID-tags done this way is cheaper than 12 Revo-tags alone… :)

  1. Looking forward to the hardware info.

    Do you have links to where I could order a couple of the RC522 Mini and Arduino Pro Minis?

    1. Sure:

      Reader/Writer similar to this:

      Arduino similar to this:


      (Tags are a bit of a lottery from ebay, but in case of miss the loss it not that big)

      IMPORTANT: RFID-board takes 3.3V, do not use 5V 16Mhz Arduino without a step-down circuit. Easiest is to use Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V 8Mhz, my apps are tested on that.

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