Site optimization!

What’s going on?

During this week you may have noticed a few times the site either being down or behaving strangely.

Reason is that I’ve been working on site optimization and testing for example several different cache-functions both in wordpress and different php-caches on webserver itself.

This has also to do with some small changes with looks. The post carousel on top of home-page is gone due poor behavior on mobile devices. Menu have been worked on a bit too.

Server load and numbers

Server load is not that high. Traffic is hovering around 10 000 page-views a month (excluding myself and robots etc).


Oh yes. Front-page of RC-Thoughts was taking up to 6-7 seconds to load a month ago. Situation is remarkably better now:


That is from Dallas USA, it takes nearly one second for intercontinental traffic. (Server is in Netherlands, Europe).

If you are in London or EU situation might be a “bit” better:


I’m constantly trying to give readers more pleasant stay here at RC-Thoughts and big part of that is to give a fast and responsive site. I’m hoping this will make you enjoy your visit here even more :)

What’s next?

Regarding site- and server-tuning, not much. Without putting some serious money that is. And this is not cheap now either…

I do have one thing I’m still investigating, there are some rare occasions where server gives a 500 error that I have been unable to locate reason for. So the hunt for that continues.

I will also break the Jeti Tools page to smaller chunks, the page is a bit bloated as is, little too hard to navigate through the apps.

Thanks for visiting!


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