Jeti Studio is released

I’ve been using this magnificent application almost for two months as beta-version and now it’s officially released.

Jeti Studio

It’s a PC-application that gathers a lot of functions in “One app does it all”-approach:

  • View logs in graphical form
  • View log-data as table, line by line
  • Connect you Jetibox Profi for log-files or real-time telemetry on pc
  • Update your receivers and sensors
  • Configure EX-bus devices straight from PC

And the main reason I like this so much:

DC/DS-24 emulator

A true LUA-programmers multitool:


This is a real help when writing and testing LUA apps:

  • Programming transmitter just like “the real thing”
  • All switches and axis are emulated and are keyboard / mouse controlled
  • Much easier to debug LUA code with big LUA console
  • A lot faster to debug LUA when there is no need to transfer files to/from transmitter

I have wanted to post that screenshot a long time but now I finally could :)

Grab yours from Jetimodels site here!

I’ll be making a bigger “How to use” -article in upcoming weeks so stay tuned!

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