Jeti Studio 1.0.1 update

The swiss army-knife for Jeti-users is updated to 1.0.1


There’s some interesting changes:

New functions

  • Added German language.
  • Added color profiles for charts (white, grey and black are available).
  • Added configuration for thick lines and background filling when viewing charts.


  • DC-24 Emulator: Default language set to English.
  • DC-24 Emulator: Accepts [Enter] and [Return] keys.
  • [Windows]: Software rendering now works (Windows XP and other PC configurations with some Intel graphics chipsets) .
  • [Linux]: Fixed library paths for the installer.

Noticed that….

For my personal use I did notice remarkably increased speed in use. And yes, I do have an Intel graphics chipset. Brilliant.

One other thing I’ve been reading in the forums is a library-error for Linux-users, so I’d encourage them to test again.

Goptta play with emulator a bit to get a grip on new key-bindings. Issue is that I’ve been using it the “old way” for two moths so this should be fun, teaching an old dog some new tricks…


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