Use Jeti Studio to update devices

How to use Jeti Studio to update devices?

Really easy, and really handy! The way it works it looks for Jetimodels site for most recent firmware, downloads it and even shows you changelog. Now, it really cannot be easier than this. (Look for questions and conclusion in the end.) At the moment there’s a lot of devices but not all. So if your’s is not there use the old way in the meantime.

Let’s go through the process step by step.

How-To setup Jeti Studio for updates

First, connect your USB-adapter to your computer and head for menu, more precisely “File” -> “Configuration” and you will get a window:


You need to select the communication port your USB-adapter is on. After that press OK to close the window.

Updating devices

This really is plug’n’play!

Open the updater from menu, go to “Tools” -> “Device Updater” and you will get the updater-window:


And like it says, connect your device. I’ll be testing this with two receivers so all you need to do is to plug the USB-adapters servo-lead to EXT-pins on receivers. No need to give any power to receivers either.

After connecting the updater will not only find your receiver, it will show current firmware on it and also the most recent firmware available:


So, looks like I have a REX6 with firmware 1.01 and there is 1.03 available. Funny thing, no changes… Ok, press the left bottom button “Update” and you will get the update going with a progress-bar on the bottom:


After the update is ok you are again presented with a screen simply saying “update finished”:


Like before there is possibility to update another device, so let’s try an R6 receiver to see how it does older receivers:


No issues, so I updated that one too.

Now, if there is several possibilities? Then the screen looks like this:


Simply choose what firmware to upload to your device and once again, you’re all set!

Questions and conclusions

Well, conclusion is that this works like a dream. Quite cool and surely very easy!

If you are updating for example a sensor that is not recognized it means that the update-file is not yet done on Jetimodel’s www-folder the updater is checking. So you need to use the old way in the mean time for that.

12 thoughts on “Use Jeti Studio to update devices

  1. Hey all LInux-users, have you tried running the app from console? Main reason being that you will get the error-message in case something does not run?

  2. LIbraries are OS-things, no need to change the path. Also Jeti Studio has libraries in the "lib"-subfolder in Jeti Studio installation folder.

    I'm currently having Jeti Studio running in my Debian 8 64-bit laptop. I'm still experiencing serial port issues, trying to figure that one out. One issue si sthat the /dev/ttyUSB0 serial port nees to be chmoded so user has RW-rights.

  3. Hi Fellows:

    I downloaded the Jeti Studio last version 1.1.0, also dowloaded the Virtual COM Port (VCP) drivers v. 2.4.2 for OS X 10.9 and above.

    I have a problem with the serial USB port because isn't show as Serial USB, only I can see is tty.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port and ccu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port.

    Any suggestion or tricks to fix this?

    Many thanks

  4. I have same issue – NO USB Com ports to open. I also did the Virtual COM port VCP drivers?

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