Jeti Studio – Device Updates

After Jeti Studio got released there’s been postings on forums and confusion on what devices can be updated. So, I took my quest to find out.

Jeti Studio is released for Windows, Linux and Mac OS, get yours here.

Where did I get the info?

The way Jeti Studio works is that it goes to Jetimodel website and check for available updates. I looked what it goes after and it turned out to be a SQLite database, and simply read that information. Pretty easy actually.


Finally, here’s a definite list of devices that Jeti Studio can update (List is based on information 15. october 2016)


  • TX1, TX1G (Transmitter modules?)
  • MGPS
  • EXP2, EXP4
  • MUI (MUI30, 50, 75, 150, 200)
  • MT125
  • MT300
  • MULI6
  • MU3
  • SBEC30D
  • MFlowT, MFlowG
  • MFlow2_800
  • MBar10

Receivers – R-series

  • R3, R3U, R4, R4C, R4U – (Standard Firmware)
  • R5, R5P, R5U, R6, R6F, R6G, R6P, R6U – (Standard Firmware)
  • R7, R7M, R7P, R7U, R8, R8_5 – (Standard Firmware)
  • R9, R10, R11, R11U, R12 – (Standard Firmware)
  • R14, R14_3, R14U, R18, R18_3, R18U – (Standard Firmware)
  • RSat, RSat2 – (Standard Firmware)
  • RxPPM1, RxPPM2 – (Standard Firmware)
  • CB100, CB200, CB400 – (Standard Firmware)
  • RSat, RSat2 – (UDI16 Firmware)
  • RxPPM1, RxPPM2 – (UDI16 Firmware)
  • R3U – (UDI16 Firmware)

Receivers – REX-series

  • REX3, REX3U
  • REX3_900, REX3_900U
  • REX6, REX6U
  • REX7, REX7U
  • REX10, REX10U
  • REX12, REX12U


With all different language-versions there’s in total 223 update-files available at the moment. Everything in one place and without any extra downloads. Gotta admit, this is made very easy to us users. Kudos to Jetimodel :)

Testing some devices

Just for the fun of it I tested if some devices can be updated. So I started Jeti Studio and updated following devices:

  • MRPM
  • Expander2
  • Expander4
  • MUI150

Updates themselves were totally ok. One thing I did notice was that most often the updater did not recognize a new device after one was updated. This minor thing is quickly resolved by closing updater and then re-opening it.


ALWAYS make sure to check settings and function after updating anything. You do know that, don’t you?

Now, go out and fly something :)


2 thoughts on “Jeti Studio – Device Updates

  1. I downloaded the Jeti studio (Mac Os version), I followed the step by step but the system did not recognize the RX. Tried also with an r3 and r6l….
    Any one with experience in the Mac version that could explain with "apples&oranges" how to?


    1. We're talking about different issues here: (Among other places), jump in!

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