Goblin G380 on steroids?

Define fun?

This falls definitely under the category “Define Fun”!


G380 is slow?

No. Well yes, it is. In speed competitions in US the fastest G380 did 159kph. I thought it just is too little, we need more. So, let’s get to it.

I was talking out loud about this project last fall on the field and a friend promised to donate the motor if I’ll go on with it. So at Finnish heli-flyers associations christmas-party he suddenly slapped the motor to my hand. After a few refreshments he sold me the kit later that evening. Clever dude… Timo, this is your fault! :)

Initial thought was to make it with MSH 880kv motor and 8S batteries, but since I could not find any suitable 4S batteries and suitable 6S was in stock I thought what a heck, only too much might be enough…

12S G380

Fitting batteries were a breeze actually. Fits pretty good, leaves good room for JLog and receiver.

G380 on steroids


Batteries are fitted to stock sled and the size is spot-on. One more millimeter per battery in length and it would not fit. I think I’ll use a strap around the frame too just to be safe.

G380 Batteries

I know the ESC is overkill. But i did not want to use any 60A that would blow up on my face (like the heli will most likely do…) so I chose Kontronik’s JIVEPro 120+ HV. The idea is that when this is crashed to bits I’ll have a good ESC for later projects. If it survives that is… Thankfully we have a bit snow here in Finland at the moment so that could save some damage.

G380 JivePRO

Fit nicely, right?

Maiden flight

If weather is good enough I’ll try the sucker out on saturday. Might be the first and last flight but one thing is certain, it’ll be fun like nothing else :)

Headspeeds are configured at the moment to normal 3750rpm (factory “max”), idle-up 1 to 4250rpm and idle-up 2 to 5000rpm. Idle-up 2 is called “helikiller” :)

With the smallest available pinion headspeed calculators give governed max headspeed to 5400rpm :)

Most likely no idle-up 2 on the first flight, I’m trying a Spirit gyro with a loaner Jeti DS-14 (Thanks Carf Suomi and Ville!) for the first time, might take flight or two before it flies so it can be punished a bit.

Let’s hope someone can grab a video of the (maybe short) maiden-flight.

Tech specs

For the tech-freaks out there

  • Stock G380 kit
  • Metallic servo-holders
  • Tail belt tensioner
  • Stock blades main and tail
  • Cyclic KST DS315MG
  • Tail MKS HV9780
  • Kontronik JIVEPro 120+ HV ESC
  • JLog 2.6GW for telemetry from ESC
  • SM-Modellbau GPS Logger 2 for speed-telemetry (2Hz recording)
  • REX6 receiver
  • Spirit Gyro (Everything controlled from Jeti-radio)

Life expectancy for this heli?

Very short! :)

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