Summer will be magic!


As some of you know I’m without a transmitter. I’ll be getting a DC-24 as soon as Jeti get’s one for me and since I need a radio to replace the DS-16 I sold (in ten minutes…) I contacted Carf Suomi (Finland) and Ville Salmi. “Sure, no problem, I have a demo DS-14 you can borrow!” Now that’s excellent service, thanks Ville!

I’ll do some writing about how DS-14 feels, also what I’m interested in is how different the “feeling” is compared to DS-16. Will be fun, stay tuned!

Since Ville has some other goodies I ordered something else too…

Healthy smoke?

I’m not a fancy 3D-flyer with my heli’s, more of a big air-kinda type. My old eyes do not track a smackin’ 3D-heli anymore…. (Excuses….)

So what would be better than writing some cools stuff to the sky? Get some SMOKE! I have previously done a digital output and LogicSwitch-powered smoke-launcher so it’s time to put it to test. In may-june there’s four weekends in a row with heli-meetings so this should be fun!


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