LogicSwitch – Full version


LogicSwitch complete and ready version for fast installation.

Item is shipped with printed manual.

Size: 26.05 x 9.25 x 4mm
Weight: 01.4g

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LogicSwitch is a small circuit that originally came from the idea of shutting down Optipower Ultra Guard from transmitter instead of reaching for the small button in inconveniently placed Ultra Guard. Read the original solution here and a how-to from here.
The manufactured version is smaller and has an added 0Ω output to go with the original 100Ω current protected output.

Examples of use:

Shutdown of UltraGuard
Smoke launcher with LogicSwitch

Important! Read this post!

LogicSwitch comes in two versions:

Bare version is ready for your own cable-soldering. Piece of clear heat shrink comes in package along with printed manual.

Complete version is ready built with servo pins on input and output, ready to connect and use. Unit is protected by clear heat shrink.

Technical data

Size: 19.05 x 8.92 mm (0.75 x 0.35 in)
Weight: 0.7 g (Bare no heat shrink) or 1.3 g (With headers and heat shrink)
Max current on output circuit: 3A


Available for download: Manual_LogicSwitch.pdf (128 KB)

Please note

These are handmade. That means all surface-components might not be perfectly straight. Every unit is tested to be functional when leaving RC-Thoughts.


RC-Thoughts takes no responsibility on any damage caused to your equipment when using LogicSwitch.