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I thought I’d write a few lines what is about to come in few weeks. I’ve been a little bit too busy with my day-job lately so not too much time to put here, unfortunately.


Unfortunately Espiritmodel withdraw their order on LogicSwitch. This includes no bigger drama, they are just downsizing the amount of supplier’s and also said there might be an update in this matter on august. This does not affect anything else but now US-customers are also allowed to get their LogicSwitch directly. Get them from the shop here.)

Also, I do have preliminary ideas of another model, more on that when it’s time for it.

My Logo 800

It’s been rough with this lovely bird. Tail’s been blown 3 times in 5 flights. I’m currently investigating this with Mikado and they have been Xxtremely (<- did you see that? ;)) helpful all the way. I’ll write a article-type post on the subject when issues are resolved.


Really not much new, Everything “just works” :) If you are pondering about something drop me a line and we’ll do a write-up about it :)

Enjoy the summer!

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