Jeti EX receiver updates v3.24 – Whats new?

Time to update receivers!

Jeti released today new firmware for EX receivers. But there’s a twist, or more like there’s a choice. This update is for RSat2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9, R10, R11, R12, R14, R18 so that means all EX-receivers, REX is still in line for the 1.01 update.

For the normal receiver “Duplex EX” there is now two three different versions:

  • Duplex EX RX v3.24 – Standard
  • Duplex EX RX v3.24 – UDI16
  • Duplex EX RX v3.24 – DBUS (Deleted!?)

The third option was up for a short while, it was labeled as DBUS which is compatible (?) with Futabas S-BUS that we know Jeti have been working on.

There’s a few questions:

1. What is Standard release?

Answer: Easiest question of them all. It’s the standard firmware with all the normal bells and whistles. UDI is UDI12, in fact the filename is “” and not for example “”

2. What is UDI16 release? 

Answer: This is easy. Normal UDI is 12 channels, but for multi’s this is now increased to 16 channels.

3. What is DBUS release? (And why is it gone, it was up there?)

Answer: This is almost easy. According some sources (example) DBUS is compatible at least in some devices with Futaba S-BUS. We also know that Jeti is working on S-Bus compatibility. Why is it gone? No idea (at least not yet.) Alltho… If you feel to tinker with it it still can be downloaded from this url: (At least for a while…)

4. Why three releases? Why not just one with all the options?

Answer: Easy. Memory in receiver. I see no other reason for this. Of course I might be wrong. (I’m often wrong!)

If we read release-notes we know that Jeti have done a correction to RSat2, it now shows A1 and A2 antennas signals in telemetry correctly.(They were wrong way around before)

One functionality-update is that servo-jitter have been redefined, pulse generation is now with precision of 0.125µs and this is definitely not bad!

So, go and grab yours here:

Now, update, or wait for other user’s experiences, the most important thing is to go out, fly and have fun!

4 thoughts on “Jeti EX receiver updates v3.24 – Whats new?

  1. You are right. The reason for 3 different firmware versions is due to limitations of the old 8-bit Atmel µCs. There is a post from a programming over at which confirms this.

  2. I noticed that my REX6 has both UDI12 and UDI16 options available. That would mean the REX-series has more power underneath. Which in turn is obvious since most likely the hardware at least on the "motherboard"-side could be the same for version with assist and without.

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