RCT GPS now tested with BN-220 GPS

I got a lot of question during this winter about RCT-GPS with BN-220. Apparently people had some issues with it. So I got myself a few of those little rascals.

RCT-GPS works great with BN-220

No issues with the sensor. Only thing to mention is that first GPS fix took a VERY long time. One of my units took good 45 minutes! So take your time when using it for the few first times.

And it really is small!

RCT-GPS w. BN-220

And the sideview:

RCT-GPS w. BN-220

You really don’t get smaller than that with Arduino!

Some notes

  • Weight with 45 cm cable is 14 grams
  • Weight without cable 8.3 grams
  • BN-220 takes a good time to get GPS fix
  • All the RCT-GPS speed optimizations work with BN-220 (It’s a NEO-M8N)


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