RCT GPS now tested with BN-220 GPS

I got a lot of question during this winter about RCT-GPS with BN-220. Apparently people had some issues with it. So I got myself a few of those little rascals.

RCT-GPS works great with BN-220

No issues with the sensor. Only thing to mention is that first GPS fix took a VERY long time. One of my units took good 45 minutes! So take your time when using it for the few first times.

And it really is small!

RCT-GPS w. BN-220

And the sideview:

RCT-GPS w. BN-220

You really don’t get smaller than that with Arduino!

Some notes

  • Weight with 45 cm cable is 14 grams
  • Weight without cable 8.3 grams
  • BN-220 takes a good time to get GPS fix
  • All the RCT-GPS speed optimizations work with BN-220 (It’s a NEO-M8N)


6 thoughts on “RCT GPS now tested with BN-220 GPS

  1. Bonsoir Taro,
    Merci pour cette info. mais j'avais tenté hier un montage avec le BN-220, hélas ça ne fonctionnait pas, je suis passé avec un NEO-M8, ça ne fonctionnait toujours, alors je suis passé sous IDE Arduino et un ancien de vos firmwares, là j'ai compris que l'on m'avais vendu des Atmega 328 Pro Mini 3.3V 8MHz au lieu de 5V 16MHz (grrrrr……) je viens de refaire une autre commande.

      1. Hello Taro, (Deepel translation)
        Thank you for this information. But I had tried yesterday to assemble with the BN-220, alas it did not work, I switched to a NEO-M8, it still did not work, then I switched to IDE Arduino and an old firmware of yours, then I realized that I had been sold Atmega 328 Pro Mini 3.3V 8MHz instead of 5V 16MHz (grrrrr……) I just made another order.
        Best Regards

  2. Hello Taro,
    I just mounted a GPS set, Atmega 328 Pro Mini 3.3V 8MHz, firmware V2.2
    It works, except the vario function (m / s) which does not react at all when I make an altitude variation of +/- 2m ??? ….
    If you have an idea, thank you.

    Best regards

  3. Hello Taro,
    I just made another GPS with an Atmega 328 Pro Mini 5V 16MHz with a BN-220 sensor, same result, the vario still does not work.
    I am abandoning that option. I would continue with the vario / alti that they work super well

    Best regards

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