RCT-GPS Updated to v2.1

The hugely popular RCT GPS is updated to version 2.1!


  • In some conditions altitude was messed up when using US-units, this is now fixed

Changes and improvements

  • Satellites and HDOP visible in extended mode even without fix (Easier to adjust sensor-position etc)
  • Speed improvements in code

If you are using US-units update to version 2.1 is highly recommended! No hardware-changes needed.


Download version 2.1 in the zipped .hex file HERE. (Version for Arduino 5V is also available HERE)

4 thoughts on “RCT-GPS Updated to v2.1

  1. Will this work connected to a Central Box instead of directly to a receiver?

  2. Hi. Thanks so much for this great site. I am new to Jeti and it is a great help. I just ordered the parts to build your gps sensor. Im also new to Arduino having worked mostly with Raspberry pi. As I understand it, the hex file you supply is basically compiled code. I was wondering if the source code is available to view as it would probably be a great learning tool for me to see how you interface to ex bus. Thanks again

    1. Yes, the hex is compiled version. And no, unfortunately source will not be open at this point, sorry for that.

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