2020 In Retrospect?

Well. We can all agree that 2020 was in a league of it’s own. Not all of it was good, unfortunately. I usually go to all Finnish heli-meet’s and at least one in Sweden, basically all of them we’re cancelled this year due pandemic. Not fun.

2020 with RC-Thoughts

Looking back it’s been somewhat more quiet. There’s many reasons, the turbulent year being one of them. But not all was bad. For the first time ever RCT pageviews went over half a million, you have visited RCT pages and post in total for 535 800 times in 2020! Thanks!

Phoenix rose up from ashes

After I added Phoenix Simulator to RCT for people to download it quickly became obvious that people still like it, and they like it a lot. The downloads went so high that in January I decided to move RCT to a new server with better connection and resources.

Data transferred from RCT website during 2020 is just over 100TB. Yes, that’s TERAbytes! And that is a lot!

2020 Data

While I also get quite a lot of questions about Phoenix Support without being a “Phoenix support guy” I have to say that it really has to be a very popular sim, even after all these years. I think reason is simple, it does not need the biggest and greatest PC to run, you can have a really great session with a bit older PC too!

Also, Phoenix Online flying is back thanks to Ballie, so you can now fly with your friends again.


Based on the amount of site- and page-traffic combined with support-questions I can safely say that you guys are building DIY-sensor, a lot. And why wouldn’t you, easy and fun way into little bit of electronics and programming fun :)

I had plans for a few things with the hugely popular DIY-sensor series hosted here. Pretty much none of them did come to life due different reasons but trust me, some of them will. One idea will be a “worlds first”, it’s already gone through the proof of concept and it works so stay tuned!


Careful optimism? That’s how I would describe the feeling for 2021. Let’s be careful and safe, and let’s make it a great year!

Thank you!

Thanks to all of the readers and visitors! Your happy messages and support with coffee is what makes all of this worth while! Stay safe, fly safely and have a great 2021!

4 thoughts on “2020 In Retrospect?

  1. Hello thanks for your works specially on DIY sensors! It will be great if you will combine for example CDI senosr with High dual temp sensor. I think that is a must have for gas plane. Doing this will avoid for someone the use of a expansion board and reduce the use of arduino boards so the result will be a more compact unit.

  2. Hi Tero,
    I am using 4 of yours sensors in Citabria Decathlon 3m and I am werry pleased how they works.
    They are: 2 temperature, RPM, gas Flow, and vario. Vario is actualy plug in to Rsat ext port because there is no space in expander. There is a maxbec2d connected also to expander.
    Best whishes and happy new year!!

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