RCT-GPS Release – Version 2.0

No longer beta! The highly popular RCT-GPS available here is now updated to full 2.0 release version, go and grab it!

Added function

If you are using a previously used Arduino-board for your RCT-GPS sensor there might be some EEPROM-programmed left-overs from other applications. I have added a harware-reset function to the code. It is now possible to do a “hardware reset” by shorting two pins and pressing reset on the arduino.

Two Arduino-versions available

While not “officially supported” the RCT-GPS (might) work with a 5V version of Arduino, the 5V firmware is now also available.

Log-files needed!

I’d be happy to get some log-files of your flight with RCT GPS 2.0, if you like please send them with contact-page here!

Get yours!

Easy and fun tinkering with Jeti-sensors, get yours here!

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